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Technical Editing

Expert Guidance

Do you want to eliminate jargon and simplify the language of your document? Are you concerned about grammar or style? We can help. 

Our editing approach is distinguished by our focus on simplifying needlessly complex copy and a thorough knowledge of editing styles.


We can take on projects of almost any scope, from a quick quality control proofread of a science journal submission to an extensive policy document re-write into jargon-free English.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business grow.

Bid Writing: Services


Ian M. - Telecoms Client

Very quick and efficient service from The Sidylle Group. Thank you for a job well done on our last proposal.

David - Health Care Client

Idara has supported our business since the start of the year with all our major public sector tenders. The support she provides has allowed us focus on running the business.

Stu - IT Services Client

The level of experience and professionalism from The Sidylle Group was evident from day one. We are particularly pleased as we were successful in getting on to our desired framework contract. 

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