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How do I know that The Sidylle Group is right for my business?

With a 97% success rate, we have successfully supported companies of various sizes win multi million dollar contracts globally. 

We are experienced globally and have supported clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We also have a bilingual team and can successfully support with tenders requiring a full or mixed response in other languages outside English.

Do you offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ guarantee?

It’s impossible to control all the variables that go to make up a completed tender, so we are unable to offer this sort of guarantee. For example, your prospect may not like your solution, or the price may not be right. Or there may be some history between you that we are not aware of. 

There are a lot of either inexperienced bid writers, or high turnover service companies that will offer ‘no win, no fee’ type loss leader services.  Having a very tight budget, they will not have the skill or time to take time and care with your bid document. 

What you will get though is our commitment to provide the very best response to your tender. This will be done by using the information you provide about your organisation and our knowledge and research into your competitors. We will help you to create your win theme and a concise but detailed and persuasive response. In addition, we will ensure you have the relevant policies, procedures and accreditations in place and that everything is up to date.


However, it doesn’t matter how good your bid is, you won’t win every one.  Someone else could have lower costs, be willing to offer more added value, more experience, more accreditations, or have more staff to deliver the service. 

We love working with our customers by developing a close relationship and getting to know their business in detail. As time goes by we can offer much better value and faster response times because we get to know their business so well. 

So, in a well-known phrase – you pay your money and take your choice.  It all depends on the sort of budget you have.  Overall a good bid writer will bring significant business growth and is worth every penny. 

How much do you charge?

Each client and each bid writing project is different and for this reason we will provide an estimate or guide price. We consider: 


  • Familiarisation time to understand your business and the specification and requirements of the tender. 

  • The number of questions that must be answered and their relevant word or page counts. 

  • The amount of formatting required. 

  • Whether we are writing from scratch or reviewing, editing, proofreading. We will also consider if you require graphic design and any bid management you require. 

  • If you have a specific budget we will discuss how we can reach a compromise to give you what you need within your budget. 

  • Timescales. Obviously there will be a premium applied if you need additional evening or weekend work. 


Costs are based on the amount of work required to complete your tender to a high standard and any expenses are charged at cost. Many clients prefer a fixed price for each tender, but we are happy to work on a daily rate if you prefer.


Please get in touch with your requirements, let's see how we can support you.

How does the bid writing process work?


Before we start, we will ask you to complete a form which collects all your basic company information. We will also ask for a copy of past bids (preferably winning ones) and other marketing collateral, for example, brochures, flyers, internal documents. We will also have a look at your website and ask for copies of your policies and procedures.


All of this information will usually be enough to start on the first draft of your bid document.  We will ask for access to a ‘subject matter expert’ and arrange calls to gather any further information we need. 

Any additional information can be sent over to us by email, over the phone, or any other means that suit you.   

Unless you want to do so, there is no specific requirement to have a kick-off meeting and trying to get everyone together at one time.   

In most cases, we will also create a master list to project manage the bid. This usually takes the form of an excel sheet so that we can chart the progress of your questions and nothing slips through the gap. 

We want to write our bids ourselves. Can you help us with a bid content library?

Yes - We are highly experienced in creating strategic content to enable you win. We will work with you and your dedicated content to create a set of documents that will make up your bid content library. We will show you how to maintain the library to ensure continuous fresh content.

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