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  • Dr. Idara Umoh, CP APMP

Proposal Presentations - How to make sure you stand out!

Following a proposal or bid submission, a potential Client may request for a formal presentation of your offer to relevant stakeholders within the business. This is a brilliant opportunity to showcase the strengths of your business, your personnel and most especially, your ability to deliver the scope of work if awarded.

It is important to have a strategic plan on how this will be managed, who will lead the process and the key areas to be demonstrated during the presentation.

Your potential Client is not interested in you spending 30 minutes describing how awesome you are. They want to hear what you can bring to the table and what differentiates you from the competitors, what features and benefits you can offer as well as any cost savings you can bring to the project.

Here are some ways to manage this:

1. If you have not been provided with any guidelines, try to find out from the potential Client if there are any key areas they would like you to focus on for the presentation and the duration required for the presentation.

2. Make sure the presentation is focused on the key points included in the proposal or bid. What would you like to highlight? What would you like to explain further? What sets you apart from your competitors? 3. Decide who will lead the presentation from your organisation. Make sure they are competent and can respond to any queries that may arise during or after the presentation. This will ensure that the Clients have a succinct response to any questions or queries they have and will save both parties a lot of time. It also makes your business look rather unprofessional if you have to go away and come back with answers which can delay contact awards or make you look incompetent.

4. Ensure the presenter understands the need to work with the time allocated and allow time for the potential Client's stakeholders to ask questions. I have heard of situations where the presenter from the bidding company rambled on until the Client representatives asked to be excused. This is not a good impression.

Remember that most times, when Clients decide to have a post submission presentation, your Competitors will also be invited to present their offer. If you want your business to win, you need to stand out. You need to show why you’re the best. A Client can judge how you will manage their project post contract award from the way you manage your presentation and proposal response.

Need some help with this? Get in touch on and let us see how we can help.

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